Maglev sonic vibration motor / Copper-free bristle implantation toothbrush head / 4 cleaning modes / Bluetooth connecting APP / 2-minute timing reminder / IPX7 waterproof

1 x Electric Toothbrush, 1 x Brush Head, 1 x Replaceable Pattern, 1 x Wireless Charger Holder

Light Green
Kid's Sonic Electric Toothbrush
APP Game Teaching  Food Grade Material  Antibacterial Round Bristles Intelligent Pressure Sensing
*Suitbale for kids of 4 years old and up
APP Funny Cartoon Teaching

SoocasKid App, which have cartoon video ,can vividly demonstrate every step of brushing, so that the baby can gradually master the Bass brushing method in a game, and form a scientific habit of protecting teeth since childhood.

Interactive Game Stimulation

Children wil get reards after brushing very time from the specail game in APP,which also teaches kids knowledge about fruits.The unique design arouses theire interest of brushing teeth.

Two Cleaning Modes

Gentle Mode: Suitable for the kids who can brush their own teeth.

Care / low frequency: Suitbale for training kids to brush

Soft and Bacteriostatic

U.S.-imported DuPont bristles are soft and antibacterial. The bristles are all finely rounded to avoid damaging tender gums and to protect the growing enamel. Soft rubber-wrapped brush head, passed the FDA food and drug safety test, cares for baby's gums.

Over Pressure Protection System

SOOCAS C1 has its own pressure sensing reminder function. In the case of heavy brushing, the red light flashes and the vibration frequency changes, reminding the kids to reduce strength in time. Protect the kids' teeth in their dental transitional periods and take care of the teeth more attentively.

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