IFT omnidirectional suspension floating / Double-blade shaving / Double-ring blade / IPX7 waterproof / Dry and wet double shaving / Type-C portable charging / 60-minute long-term endurance / Travel lock

1 x Electric Shaver, 1 x USB Charging Cable

Matte Black Bright Red
Electric Shaver
Innovative IFT Technology  Double-blade Shaving  60 days of Endurance USB Charging
Infinity Floating Technology

SOOCAS S3 adopts Infinity Floating Technology (IFT) suspension floating technology, flexibly matching facial contour with the nine-direction blade head floating.

360° Precise Adjustment Angle

The blade can be floated independently in all directions, and the angle can be adjusted automatically according to the facial curve. The 360 ° veneer can quickly smooth the beard and easily remove the beard in various parts.

Comfortable Without Skin Damage

SOOCAS S3 has shock absorption technology ,Blades are not in direct contact with the skin, which can relieve the face pressure and avoid damaging the cuticle.


Dual ring design can shave 40% more hair each time you move the blade head. Auxiliary blade pulls up the hair and the main precision blade cut 0.04mm more hair length than regular razors.

Mcceleration Button

Using SUOMA MOTOR BL-146 motor, the speed is up to 3000 / min, and the performance is more stable. The cutting speed is up to 3.9 m/s, which is especially suitable for the needs of thick beard users.

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