Maglev sonic vibration motor / 3 Speeds Modes / 2-minute timing reminder / IPX7 waterproof / 60 days of endurance / Type-C portable charging / Noise less than 60dB

1 x Electric Toothbrush, 1 x Polishing brush head, 1 x Sensitive brush head, 1 x Charging cable, 1 x Travel Box

Pink Sea Blue
Sonic Electric Toothbrush
Low Noise Design  42,000 times / minute  3 Cleaning Modes  USB Charging
Integrated with the BASS Brushing Method

High-performance magnetic levitation motor, up to 42,000 times / minute. The up-down swing drives the water flow to clean teeth efficiently.

V Style with Vitality

Designed for the young people, elegant stripe appearance design can not only prevent slipping but also improve the surface texture, so that the product is stable and comfortable to hold!

Three cleaning modes

Designed for young lifestyle, regardless of tooth sensitivity caused by staying up late and getting inflamed, or yellow teeth caused by milk tea, coffee and smoking, one of the three modes will suit you!

Combination Brush Head

Soocas V1 has Sensitive Soft and Depth Polishing Brush Head, featuring soft care with all silicone wrapped, which is easy to enter the mouth for deep cleaning for its small size. From gentle care to deep cleaning, there is always one for you!

60 days of Endurance

4 hours of charging to provide at least 60 days of endurance. The product is delivered with a travel box, which is convenient to carry on business trip.

Silence Without Noise

Soocas V1 with a upgraded motor, the sound vibration is below 60 decibels during work,within the normal range of human adaption.

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