Maglev sonic vibration motor / 39,600 vibrations per minute / Copper-free bristle implantation toothbrush head / 4-speed mode / 30 days of endurance / 2 minute timing reminder / IPX7 waterproof / Type-C portable charging

1 x Electric toothbrush, 1 x General brush head, 1 x Polishing brush head, 1 x Sensitive brush head, 1 x Charging cable, 1 x Travel box

Lvory White Cherry Pink Starry Black
Sonic Electric Toothbrush
39,600 times / minute  Copper-free bristle implantation  4 cleaning modes IPX7 waterproof
Stable Swing
Maglev Sonic Vibration Motor

High-efficiency maglev motor developed by German and Japanese experts to provides strong power,effectively dissolve tooth surface and gap stubborn yellow stains.

Scientific Whitening

Soocas electric toothbrush has passed whitening clinical testing. The experiment proves that after using the Soocas X3U for 4 weeks, the teeth are significantly whitened.

Copper-Free Bristle Implantation Technology

Soocas copper-free bristle implantation toothbrush head,gap-reduced, no copper rust, resistant to bacteria, sanitary and healthful .With the new technology, the density of bristles is increased by 40%, and the bristles are 100% rounded without burr to protect your sensitive gums.

4 Whitening Modes

According to different oral environment, four dental cleaning modes are designed: from gentle care to deep cleaning, and one of them will suit you!

Fast Whitening

The 30-second position change reminder and 2-minute stop brushing reminder help brush teeth in a more scientific and uniform way.

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